How to use Stressers/DDoser/Booters

Top 10 Stressers/Booters/DDoSers

Anonymous VPNs

First well need to register!(I’ll be using¬†as an example)


Next click the “New account?” button and you should see this:


After registering you will be brought to the login page again simply log in with your credentials and your in. Next you’ll be seeing the purchase page:


Pick a plan and a payment method, they accept Paypal, Bitcoin, Dwolla, and all major credit cards via After you purchase your plan you should be automatically activated and be on the “Dashboard” page.

stresser dashboard


Now from here you can mess around with the Tool page features like the Skype resolver, host2ip, etc..


Next up is the fun part, the Hub page:


The target field is for the targets IP address, usually the port should stay 80 unless you know what your doing and know what port you need to target. The methods dropdown list has a bunch of different methods of attack i will explain them all in another page linked at the bottom.

Now you know how to use an ip stresser!


To learn about the methods click here.